Dr Prab


Dr Prab is a general dentist and graduated in 2012. She has since completed her Post Graduation training in Clinical Hypnosis through the South Australian Society of Hypnosis in order to help her anxious patients She understands how patients feel coming to the dentist and she is committed to providing the most comfortable experience possible and making sure they get the treatment they deserve.

Dr Prab is also currently studying Post Graduation in clear aligners and implants.

She takes pride in getting to know her patients and putting them at ease while providing a high standard of dental care.

Dr Prab is an avid member of the Australian Dental Association and enjoys regularly attending to Continued Professional Development courses.

When she’s not taking care of her patients’ smiles, Dr Prab likes spending time with her husband, Chandra and two children, Andrhea and Arin. She enjoys travelling, camping and catching up with her friends.

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