Dr Nathaniel Nowicki


Dr Nathaniel Nowicki completed his Bachelor of Oral Health in 2008 at the University of Adelaide, with a desire to improve the oral and general health of everyone. It was this passion that lead him to return to the university of Adelaide to complete his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2016. He is also currently studying to become a Doctor of Naturopathy at the Trinity School of Natural Health.

Nathaniel has a passion for holistic oral health care and improving people’s general health, as well as their teeth. He has a zest for aesthetic and operative dentistry and is generally excited by all aspects of dental care.

When not diving into people’s mouths, Nathaniel is a motoring enthusiast, either working on or driving his cars in the majority of his spare time. He also maintains a healthy passion for music, and we often catch him humming a tune or grooving to the radio throughout the work day.

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