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GuardLab, known for its award winning sports technology, has been chosen as the Official Mouthguard of the AFL, AFL Womens League and AFL Academies, to help provide its athletes, from grass roots through to elite level, new innovation, education, Protection, Performance and Recovery solutions. It is also the official mouthguard partner to the UFC. GuardLab produces custom neuromuscular mouthguards using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology that provide Protection, legitimate performance enhancement and recovery to many athletes of different ages, from a variety of sports.

Currently, there are limited options for the millions of Australians who wear mouthguards regularly for sports like rugby, hockey, cricket or soccer and there are significant differences between GuardLab mouthguards and the boil and bite or traditional custom guards available.

A key difference between them is the technology involved in creating GuardLab mouthguards. By using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology it means the scan of an individual’s mouth is far more accurate and precise than dental impression materials more commonly used.

The streamlined and local manufacturing process means it takes only five working days to get a uniquely fitted mouthguard to our Australian and regional customers after a scan.

Mouthguards range from $250-300 for a fully customised mouthguard and arrives within five days of ordering.

An additional guard will cost less, as they already have your scan digitally stored!

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